Even students with this background must take the math review course in August. We expect students entering the program to have at least two (or more) semesters of calculus (equivalent to Math 131 and Math 132 at Washington University), a semester of matrix or applied linear algebra (equivalent to Math 309 ), and a semester of statistics. ** An introductory programming course such as Programming with Python (U20 Math 133) is sufficient preparation. A nationwide effort is afoot to make undergraduate math courses more engaging for students. As already noted, all students aspiring to top PhD programs should take these courses as well. Organized by Todd Kuffner of Arts & Sciences, this is the third year the event has been hosted at the university, and the first since math changed its name this summer to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. See the WashU Bulletin for detailed degree requirements. * The calculus sequence (Calculus I-IV) is a prerequisite for most, but not all, of the upper-level mathematics courses. You can either learn them through the appropriate math courses offered in the math, physics, or electrical engineering departments, by self-study; through a core physics course that covers the appropriate topic. NOTE TO MATH MAJORS: The math major is divided into five tracks. You must take all your business and required courses for grades, and you must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA overall and in your business school classes. Students aspiring to a top finance program should consider ESE 520 (which has Math 4111 as a prerequisite) in place of Math 493, 494, and 495. A National Science Foundation-funded workshop recently brought more than 75 statistics researchers to the Danforth Campus. Hallmarks of the curriculum include: Freshman entry into the business degree program, with Foundations of Business course The Bachelor of Science in Business and Computer Science is an integrated joint degree program offered through the Olin Business School and the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.. Students in this program will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and perspectives of computer science and business and will have unique opportunities to converge these … It is useful for email communication, calendaring, IM/video conferencing and access to Office applications, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The Email & Calendaring service, powered by Office 365 provides reliable and cost-effective collaboration services. Math you should know. Here are some topics outside of the calculus sequence that you need to get familiar with during college. Washington University's Institute for School Partnership, in coordination with the Department of Education in the College of Arts & Sciences, has established a 15-hour graduate certificate program in math education through University College, the evening division of Washington University in St. Louis. Math Education: 15 units.