I can’t count the number of times I wish I could sit down with each one of our customers and have a discussion about the many plants we have to offer here at the shop. Real Wild Dagga’s Effects. Wild dagga is commonly referred to as ‘wild cannabis’. by Bodhi Shaman | May 21, 2011 | Ask Bodhi | 11 comments. Mark Dreams 2 Recommended for you.

Calming and sedating sensations are felt when the flowers are consumed as a tea, while euphoric reactions occur when the flowers are smoked. 'Lions Tail' a.k.a. Leslie Kenton 11,389 views. This one is probably the most similar to weed but it is preferred to mix with one of the other herbs I mention. South African tribes have traditionally smoked wild dagga flowers and leaves for its euphoric effect. Buy Wild Dagga and Klip Dagga | Leonotis Nepetifolia | Lion's Tail | Leonotis Leonorus Imported from Thailand Wild & Klip Dagga are soft & soother, They carry a sense of feminity & sensitivy, Light Euphoria & Well Being This Sacred Plant from the Lamiaceae (mint) family is native to tropical Africa and So

Wild dagga (dacha), a South African bush with red, cream, apricot, white, yellow, but usually orange flowers, is also known as Lion’s Tail, but it’s scientific name is Leonotis leonurus.. Onset of the psychoactive effects of wild dagga is 15 minutes, while their duration is approximately 1 hour. I get very good quality Wild Dagga at $18 an ounce. Effects. Black Siri | … When smoking or vaping it, onset can occur much faster and be as little as a 2-3 minutes. If you get anything other than flower petals then you're just wasting your money. 6:47. 5:54. 67: Magic Motherwort - calm and courage for your health - Duration: 6:47.
Wild Dagga (a.k.a. Sacred Truth Ep. 'Leonotis Leonurus') - Make sure you get pure FLOWER PETALS!