If so, you are in the right place. Do you feel like your tenancy application was unfairly declined? Property management is also the management of personal property, equipment, tooling and physical capital assets that are acquired and used to build, repair and maintain end item deliverables. Who Regulates Property Management Companies in Florida?

We need you to answer this question! Who in WA state regulates property management companies? If you own property in a condominium or townhome development, or are a part of a single-family home community, chances are that your community is governed by an association. Is your property manager giving you a hard time? Monday July 18, 2016.

Management indicates the need of real estate to be cared for and monitored, with accountability for and attention its useful life and condition considered. Is there laws/government agencies overseeing property management firms? Property management is the operation, control, maintenance, and oversight of real estate and physical property. IMPORTANT:This information is intended for informational purposes only and under no circumstances should it be considered legal advice or relied upon without first confirming its contents with your state real estate commission.Laws are updated frequently, and this information may not reflect the current law in your state. Whether it’s a homeowners association, commonly known as an HOA, condominium association or cooperative association, the … Or would you like to know how to file a complaint against a property management company? Generally, property managers are often responsible for all matters related to the safety, health, suitability, and usability of rental units. Property Management. Key components of property management are considered a real estate activity under existing Colorado real estate licensing laws. Property management companies can offer full service management or just basic billing and collecting. This can include residential, commercial, and land real estate. Leasing and subsequent management of real estate for a fee or compensation is a real estate activity for which a license is required.