Healthy baked veggie balls recipe. Meatless meatballs with great flavor and texture.

For those who have asked – I tried them in a slow cooker, they still taste amazing but tend to break apart as they cook/you stir – I … Keep it simple and serve these chickpea meatballs with your sides of choice and/or favorite dipping sauce. Stuff in a pita: With a smear of hummus and some fresh veggies, these chickpea meatballs are a mighty fine sub for falafel. These vegan veggie balls are baked and served with a cashew sesame sauce. These vegan ‘meatballs’ are a staple in our house. Enjoy as is!

Plus, they're good! What Can You Serve With Meatballs? (They really don't go with Brussels sprouts!) Well, It is not my first time making this recipe. I made it and give some to my friends, and they always ask me for the recipe!

Recipe for IKEA style Baked veggie balls – Grönsaksbullar – Swedish Vegan Meatballs.

Nutrition Facts (per serving) Calories 496. But the lightly pickled cucumbers that are also traditional, I save for other meals. Today, we’re drolling over these meatballs. When we used to live in Hong Kong, one of my favorite places to simply roam around was IKEA. This veggie meatballs recipe is guaranteed crowd-pleaser and can serve either an appetizer or a main dish. And since they make a great finger food, toddlers will inevitably love them too. I almost always serve small round potatoes and I also often serve Brussels sprouts. Lingonberries are a must for me. Bake the veggie meatballs until golden brown, 12 to 15 minutes. So, guys, this is what you are waiting for. Serve warm, with marinara or pesto, if you like. We LOVE them, the kids love them, and even our meat-eating friends can’t get enough. So here’s the deal: I’m giving you all our favorite sides AND I’m telling you with what kind of meatball recipe they work best. There are many side dishes we love having with meatballs. Makes 16 meatballs; 4 servings. For me, Swedish meatballs are food from my childhood, and those three round balls give me some childish pleasure. They’re also delicious over a salad to amp up the protein. Protein 21 g. Total fat 10 g. Saturated fat 1.5 g. Carbs 83 g. Fiber 14 g. Total sugars 11 g. Added sugars 0 g. Sodium 216 mg. Cholesterol 50 mg But not all of them work equally well for every kind of sauce you have with them.