Sunflowers can provide plants that need shelter, shade or shielding from harsh weather.

Some plants, in order to gain advantage over others, contain chemical compounds that inhibit the growth and germination of other nearby plants and seedlings. Sunflowers, which are grown as annuals, must be re-planted every year. Harvesting Sunflower Seeds. If possible, plant sunflowers in a spot that is sheltered from strong winds, perhaps along a fence or near a building. Growing Sunflower Seeds for Birds. Or, work in a slow release granular fertilizer 8 inches deep into your soil.

What to Do When a Sunflower Dies. Cover sunflower heads with a ventiliated bag to disuade hungry birds.

Drying Sunflowers. Ground covering plants act like mulch. Sunflowers are very unique in that they demonstrate allelopathy. When it has run ... 2. Sunflowers also make good companion plants for artichokes. Harvest Seed. If you are short on growing space, companion planting is a solution to growing more in a smaller area. Feed the birds. 3 ways you can keep using your sunflower after it's died... 1. When grown underneath sunflowers, they Lessen the growth of weeds When added to a vegetable garden bed, tall sunflowers add bright color and aesthetic appeal to the area. The stem is thick, hairy and light green with leaves that are large, rough, toothed and heart-shaped with prominent veins. Planting Companions. Stems and Plants. These toxins are present in all parts of the sunflower, including the roots, leaves, and, yes, even the seed hulls. Sunflowers are related to the daisies, asters, marigolds, dandelions and black-eyed susans, all of which are members of the Compositae family. Other Considerations. If you have planted a giant sunflower, do not forget to ... Disease. ... Or feed the family. Sunflowers also attract bees and other insects to the beans, which aids in pollination. Sunflowers are heavy feeders, so the soil needs to be nutrient-rich with organic matter or composted (aged) manure. Giving you more for less. With those dazzling faces, sunflowers attract a lot of attention – particularly from the bees and the birds. What Should You Do With Sunflowers After They Bloom?