For some reason, Kellogg’s decided that now would be the perfect time to completely redesign their iconic mascot for their Froot Loops cereal, Toucan Sam, and people are NOT having it.

Footage from commercials. Toucan Sam became the mascot for Froot Loops cereal in 1963. NC (voiceover): Released in around 1945, Toucan Sam started off with a relativity boring scenario, just talking in Pig Latin. Professor Waldo Wigglesworth. Toucan Sam (singing): Crispy and Elicious-day for Breakfast or for Acking-snay.

As long as [these mascots] are still on shelves, Toucan Sam … Chocos the Bear (past) Cornelius Rooster. The ad agency later decided to switch to the English accent more commonly … Sonny the Cuckoo Bird. The cereal had been around much longer than that, debuting in 1963. Originally voiced by legendary voice actor Mel Blanc and later taken over by the also-legendary Paul Frees, the cartoon toucan is instantly recognizable, with his giant beak and British accent (which was originally an imitation of actor Ronald Colman’s voice). Lucky the Leprechaun. Toucan Sam is one of the cereal world’s longest-serving mascots, serving as the face (and nose) of Froot Loops since 1963. Count Alfred Chocula. Cookie Crook and Officer Crumb. Despite being merely a cereal mascot, he’s had a pretty recognizable design that anyone would be able to spot from a supermarket aisle away… until now. Who wins the day? Kellogg Company. Cinnamon and Apple. Cereal has always been about fun and silliness, not "no sugar allowed" strictness. With over decades of starring in his own commercials, Froot Loops‘ Toucan Sam has become an icon in TV history amongst other cereal mascots. NC: Riveting.

History. Rocky and Bullwinkle. Commercials footage. I’m even all for cereal even ditching its “morning” placement in favor of its cult status as a midnight snack so long as it stays in grocery stores. The new design was first teased on May 6 as part of a new ad campaign, telling fans to get ready for the "Froot Loops World. NC (voiceover): Number 11--Toucan Sam from Froot Loops. The cartoon character was created by Manuel R. Vega and originally voiced by Mel Blanc, using an ordinary American accent.Blanc's original commercials were noted for their use of Pig Latin (referring to the cereal as OOT-fray OOPS-lay). In this corner, we have: Ronald McDonald, The Burger King, Colonel Sanders, The Noid, and Jack In that corner Captain Crunch, Tony the Tiger, Lucky the Leprechaun, Count Chocula, and Toucan Sam All fighters have composite feats. Crunchosaurus Rex. When Peter Lohmeier first joined Leo Burnett in 1974, the Kellogg’s Froot Loops account, brightly colored mascot Toucan Sam, and its tagline “Follow your nose!” had already been with the agency for four years.

Milton the Toaster. Strawberry Shortcake. Big Yellow Cowboy.
Kellogg's shared a new design for Froot Loops mascot Toucan Sam earlier this month and fans of the fictional bird's classic design were shocked. Toucan Sam: Smart kid! Quick Draw McGraw. Coco the Monkey. Granted, there are far worse things for cereal lovers to be worrying about these days than Toucan Sam getting a …