I make the clinical decision to use printables based on individual children who I see and will integrate the use with other therapeutic activities. It relies on our ability to focus our attention selectively and to screen out irrelevant information, to match and distinguish between objects, to recognise that despite changes in size, or orientation, objects are the same and the ability to remember visually presented information including the order in which it was presented. -Available here: Visual perception is the ability of the brain to interpret what our eyes see. Giving your baby and toddler lots of opportunities to move and play indoors and outdoors will help the eyes learn to focus, to track moving objects and to locate objects in the environment. One of the ways that I support kids I see with working on their visual perception skills is through the use of printables. Visual perceptual skills develop from infancy, as the baby learns to focus on and interact with the environment. Visual perception impacts reading, writing, learning, comprehension, visual motor skills (including copying written materials), fine motor work, gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and even social emotional skills! Visual Memory refers to the skill that requires a child to remember or recall items, numbers, objects, letters, figures, and/or words which have been previously seen. Whether you are looking for activities for children with visual perceptual problems or to encourage visual perception activities, these freebies are beneficial. Each handout provides a definition of the term, red flags to look for, and helpful activities to use to promote the skill. For kids who struggle with visual perceptual skills, so many areas are impacted. Integrated Disability Service Lancaster House Exhall Grange Campus Easter Way Exhall Coventry CV7 9HP Tel: 02476 368 800 Fax: 02476 368 800 Integrated Disability Service Saltisford Office Park Building 1 Ansell Way Warwick CV34 4UL. These handouts are great for providing clear and concise information about how visual perception impacts a child’s day. -The Visual Perception Packet-30 page mega-packet of information to develop visual perceptual skills.-Evidence-based information handouts, breaking down visual perception into developmental stages.-20 color-coded worksheets to organize your treatment approach: Build skills based on a developmental hierarchy of skill acquisition. The goal is to use these visual perception activities PDF printables and ideas to increase exposure and practice time to help develop visual perception skills … Visual Perception - 03/2016 Intervention programme 4: Visual perception and visual memory Aims: To develop visual-perceptual skills: Spatial relations Figure-ground perception Form constancy Visual memory Introduction Visual perception is the ability to recognise, recall, … 1. South Warwickshire Foundation Trust – Children, Young People and Families Occupational Therapy Team. Perceptual Skills. Bright and engaging handouts featuring different aspects of visual perception. Visual Sequential Memory involves putting movements, sights, sounds, thoughts, objects, numbers or letters in consecutive order according to time and space.