Swedish ivy is a misnomer, as this delightful vining plant is neither Swedish in origin, nor is it a true ivy. Swedish Ivy. The Varigata Mint Ivy has green leaves with white edges and blooms purple flowers. 33-48 of 183 results for "swedish ivy seeds" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. Family Lamiaceae . More Swedish Ivy Care and Propagation Propagating this plant is so easy, new plants can be ready in a week. Actually from the Southern Hemisphere, Swedish ivy gets its name from the fact it was first popularized in Sweden. This perennial’s trailing and mounding growth habit, drought tolerance and attractive green leaves makes this a great choice for … Swedish ivy is an easy-to-grow houseplant with few problems, great for beginners or those that don’t have time to fuss with plants. Free Shipping by Amazon. With its attractive, scalloped foliage that's green with white margins, Plectranthus coleoides 'Variegata' makes a worthy filler plant in a container or in the garden. Water. How to Plant Ivy Seeds. It is good for containers and hanging baskets. Soft, fuzzy, purple-tinged leaves make this Plectranthus a good companion plant in containers.. CareProvide part shade and well-drained soil.. PropagationDivide in spring; take cuttings any time.Or start from ripe seed at 66 to 75° F. ProblemsMealybugs, spider mites, leaf spots, root rot. Native to Africa and Australia, Swedish ivy thrives in bright light and is not overly sensitive to normal household conditions. It is a creeping, bushy plant with rounded, leathery, bright green leaves and square stems. If its bottom leaves begin to yellow and fall off the plant, this is a clue that it is receiving too much moisture. $54.99 $ 54.

Plectranthus australis, commonly called Swedish ivy is a fast-growing, evergreen perennial that is native to South Africa.It typically grows to 2-3’ tall on erect stems that trail and spread as they mature.

Genus Plectranthus can be annuals, evergreen perennials or shrubs, with opposite, ovate or heart-shaped, sometimes fleshy leaves, and 2-lipped, tubular flowers borne in whorls forming spikes or panicles Sep 28, 2014 - Explore jennychaco's board "Swedish Ivy" on Pinterest.

In a garden, the plant can also grow as a carpet beneath canopy-forming trees. Noteworthy Characteristics. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. ... SWEDISH IVY (PLECTRANTHUS AUSTRALIS) - 2 1/4 INCH POT. Swedish ivy (Plectranthus.australis) is a simple houseplant that grows well indoors and requires little effort on your part to thrive.The ivy produces thick stems that grow erect before cascading, making the plant an ideal option for hanging baskets. See more ideas about Ivy plants, Houseplants and House plants. Eligible for Free Shipping. 99.

The bright green, scalloped-edged leaves are on trailing succulent vines, making this a common hanging basket plant for indoors. Synonyms Plectranthus australis misapplied Plectranthus Swedish ivy . Just select a branch and snip it off with sharp pruners or if you accidentally break off a piece, just put that branch in a small container of water and new roots will form in a few days. Stems are clad with broad-ovate, … As a vining plant, it makes an attractive hanging basket with its shiny green leaves with scalloped edges. Other common names Swedish ivy . Ivies can be used as ground cover, climbing accents to a wall or fence, or to highlight a piece of garden art. This plant cascades, fountain-like from pots and hanging baskets. Swedish ivy prefers humusy, well-drained soils of medium moisture level. FREE Shipping.