This Philodendron requires 70-85% sunlight. Philodendron Mamei. Opens image gallery. pastazanum ("Striped Petiole" R99) The patio zone is 4b-11 which means the potted plant will flourish over the summer months in colder zones but must be brought inside before frost. Picture Information. €25,00. Direct sun consumes the leaves. Mail-Order Only, Sorry we are not set up for walk in business.. Now with 2,000 varieties and 200k plants in stock. Could be bigger, could be smaller depending on the existing stock 3.

Description. Sold Out. Sold Out. Sun Exposure: Sun to Partial Shade. The plant is entirely green. Water Requirements: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater. Philodendron Mamei; Roll over image to zoom in.

Sold Out. 1. $46.00 8 bids + $15.00 Shipping . You can also put it in a nice and humid spot, such as a greenhouse. Sold Out. 4 more photos VIEW GALLERY. Anthurium Warocqueanum Dark Form. Please check out some of the nursery pics below. Juvenile forms of both are most popular; they are grown on tree trunks, in hanging baskets and window boxes, as houseplants. Buy philodendron plants online at best price and get it delivered at door step, philodendrons are one of the popular ornamental houseplants. Calathea White Fusion. PHILODENDRON MAMEI AROID RARE. The jungle green, elliptical leaves are thick and leather-like and arranged in a upright formation. Philodendron 'Burle Marx' Family: Araceae Philodendron 'Burle Marx' Origin: South America. Share this product. Philodendron mamei im 8cm Topf Sie erhalten eine etablierte Pflanze In the northern end of their grow zone Mamei Soderoi plants should be brought indoors or protected during the winter months. Sold Out. Philodendron species cf. Origin: Unknown Philodendron nangaritense. 899 kr Philodendron El Choco Red. mamei. Main photo is of an adult plant for representation purpose.

Lvs. Plowmanii has really pronounced pink coloration and ruffles on the petiole, just like I'm seeing in the closeup by skylark. Sold Out .

mamei. €150,00. Price: $45 / Quantity: Sold out. Payment & Security. Anthurium Angamarcanum. Calathea Fusion White is a most …

Philodendron Pastazanum. Philodendron Species Philodendron mamei. The Mamei also prefers high humidity, so don’t be shy and give your plant a nice spray once in a while! Aglaonema Super White. Scientific Name Authority Schott Rank genus Original orthography Philodendrum ... Philodendron Schott. Philodendron species cf. Origin + Shipping All our plants are grown in Florida, California, Canada, or Hawaii, and comply with all phytosanitary and quarantine regulations. Other photos are the size of the plants available. Origin: Nangaritza Philodendron sagittifolium. The best price on the market! Plants are expertly packed by our team and shipped in plastic grow pots to ensure the least amount of damage during shipping. Category: Tropicals and Tender Perennials. Tissue culture Philodendron white knight grown in laboratory conditions.

View gallery. Not in stock. Origin Exotic. Anthurium Splendidum type. broad at middle, linear-oblong, acuminate, shining above, the costa very thick at base, with linear depressions: spathe pale yellowish green outside, inside bright carmine with white margin. Aglaonema Striptease.

Family: Araceae (a-RAY-see-ee) Genus: Philodendron (fil-oh-DEN-dron) Species: mamei: 7 members have or want this plant for trade. Philodendron sp. 1 199 kr Philodendron Pastazanum. It’s usually pretty easy to determine whether it needs watering, as its leaves will start to droop a little. Vines and Climbers.