Anyway, parsnips. Parsnips have a complex taste. The flavor is starchy like potatoes, sweet like carrots, and bitter like turnips. The only thing I know that tastes of licorice is fennel. Parsnip Nutrition. Slightly sweet and rich in flavor, they'll liven up soups, stews, and casseroles. I like them boiled and mashed and I like them roasted with other root vegetables after drizzling with some olive oil and adding a sprinkle of salt and pepper. They’re at their absolute best in the dead of winter, when frost converts the vegetable’s starch to sugar. While you can find parsnips year-round, peak season is from fall through early spring. In many ways the parsnip is the quintessential root vegetable: complex and earthy with a taste that’s difficult to explain. … To find out everything you need to know to grow this delicious but underutilized vegetable in your garden, read more now on … Hardy parsnips, a root crop similar to carrots, can be harvested throughout fall and winter. There’s a lot to take in when you bite into a parsnip. I love it, but I like licorice. Tips for Buying Parsnips. Similar to carrots, they’re sweet, but they contain more starch and have an earthier, nutty taste. I agree, parsnips are slightly sweet, they actually remind me somewhat of carrot.