She avoided marrying him by disguising herself as a warrior, but when they fought she was so impressed by his strength that she changed her mind. Enjoy these Norwegian expressions, but don't forget to bookmark this page for future reference. Norwegians use ass for their bowel movements. Lettris . ALF (1) m Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Norse Mythology Derived from Old Norse alfr meaning "elf". While the actual meaning of the word translates to “the devil,” its usage is far broader. There are also several other words you can use when you meet a Norwegian. Learn more. Please, email us to describe your idea. God morgen, good morning, is the first greeting of the day.You answer it simply with god morgen or morn', the latter being sort of a slang.Later on in the day you can say god dag, good day, answered by a god dag back.. It can be a noun, an adjective, an adverb, a preposition… I yell “faen” when I hurt myself. Your first words: So here we are. The English word games are: Anagrams Wildcard, crossword Lettris Boggle. The tutorial has started! Norwegian Phrases. nor definition: 1. used before the second or last of a set of negative possibilities, usually after "neither": 2…. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Yes, everyone’s favorite all-purpose Norwegian swearword.

You're referring to the expression “ass”, which is a contraction of altså.

Discover nei meaning and improve your English skills! WordGame. “Fy faen” is to express surprise or disappointment. Faenmeg is just an intensifier. Norwegian is the official language of Norway, and there are two official forms of the written language, Bokmål and Nynorsk. When you come to Norway it will always be pleasant to know this: Yes, the meaning is what you've already figured out: "Hi!" Bokmål (Book Language) is an adaptation of the written Danish introduced during the union of Denmark and Norway in the 14th century while Nynorsk (New Norwegian) was formed during the mid 19th century as a way to carry on the traditions of Old Norse. In Norse legend this was the name of king, the suitor of a reluctant maiden named Alfhild. Definitions of nei, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of nei, analogical dictionary of nei (Norwegian) ... Get XML access to fix the meaning of your metadata. Learn nei in English translation and other related translations from Maori to English.