This group maintains the monastery situated on one peak of the mountain. The mountain drops steeply into the Mediterranean Sea and around its cliffs are numerous caves, some of which have many wall paintings from ancient times. Mount Carmel Israel (Har HaCarmel in Hebrew) is a coastal mountain range bordered on the South by my hometown of Zichron Yaakov, to the southeast by Yokneam, and to the northwest by Haifa and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Carmelites (Gems in Israel) Offers insight into the Carmelite community, an order of monks who originated on the slopes of Mt. Today the beautiful Mount Carmel (kerem) is peaceful and located on the far tip of the Jezreel Valley near the coast, a limestone mountain range that stretches for 24 miles from the Mediterranean near Haifa into the heart of Israel’s hinterland.
At the foot of Mount Carmel flows the Kishon River (I Kings 18:40). It is often cited in the Old Testament for its beauty and fertility. Stretching south-east from the Mediterranean Sea, with the city of Haifa sloped against it, Mount Carmel is actually a coastal range rather than a mountain. From ancient times it was considered a sacred place. Ahab the king appeared too, eagerly anticipating the outcome of the momentous contest. The mountain range is about 4-5 miles wide and 24 miles long, with a gradual slope on the Southwestern side and a steep ridge on the Northeast. The Nazarenes of Mount Carmel ( Information about the Essene sect on Mt.

Carmel. Mount Carmel, Hebrew Har Ha-karmel, mountain range, northwestern Israel; the city of Haifa is on its northeastern slope. The mountainous ridge starts on the Mediterranean coast in the northwest part of Israel at the south shore of the Bay of Acre. Carmel, the Order of Nazorean Christians. Carmel means “vineyard,” “orchard,” or “garden” and reflects the fertile beauty of Mount Carmel’s picturesque slopes. It divides the Plain of Esdraelon (ʿEmeq Yizreʿel) and the Galilee (east and north) from the coastal Plain of Sharon (south). Most of the land around Carmel contains thick rich soil and therefore producing abundant vegetation. The entire nation was assembled on Mount Carmel, and the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal came there also, proud and contemptuous and sure of their victory over Elijah.