The pass/fail deadline has been … Minors in Comparative Arts are also expected to have had substantial college-level experience of foreign language study as indicated by completion of either one 400 … No more than three units may be counted from among the following: Directed Readings, Directed Research, Teaching Practicum, University College, or credits from another institution including study abroad. The purpose of this minor is to encourage students interested in visual culture to learn about film and media as global phenomena beyond the confines of the U.S. A number of classes available in this minor will emphasize how specific aspects of a country's cultural heritage and aesthetic traditions are expressed through commercial, narrative cinema. In addition to your major(s), you can minor in International Business, the Business of Social Impact, the Business of Sports, the Business of Entertainment, the Business of the Arts, or Business Analytics. Students who wish to minor in Jewish, Islamic, and Middle Eastern studies will select one of two tracks: Comparative Jewish and Islamic Studies or Modern Middle Eastern Studies. Developmental Psychology for a Psychological and Brain Sciences major. Major & Minor Requirements For Spring 2020 ONLY all WGSS courses will have a pass/fail option with the exception of Honors Theses. Chinese Major & Minor Requirements. Majors or second majors are required to complete 24 credit hours of upper level courses (300 and 400), at least 12 of which are on the 400-level. Requirements. Since FL15, if a student has two majors or a major and a minor, only introductory (100- and 200-level) courses may be counted, when relevant, toward the requirements of both majors. However, the Children's Studies minor will allow minors to substitute an elective course in Children's Studies for a 300-level core course that the student has taken but needs to count toward a different major or minor, e.g. All advanced (300- and 400-level) courses must be unique to each major; i.e., no advanced course may "double-count" for the course work needed to fulfill the minimal requirements for either major. Prerequisites: The major in Chinese Language & Culture requires 24 upper-level (300-level or above) units. Units required: 18 Comparative Jewish and Islamic Studies Track Requirements The Chinese Major; The Chinese Minor; Placement Test & Back Credit; The Major . With the exception of 340, 341, and 342, only courses taught in German will count toward the major. Minor Requirements Students choosing Political Science as a minor field must take a minimum of 15 graded units of course work with a C or better, including at least 9 advanced units. Effective fall 2019: Students matriculating in FL19 are required to take eight courses for a minimum of 24 upper-level (300 level or above) units.