Recommended Temperature Zone: USDA: 9-10 Frost Tolerance: Up to 28°F (-1°C) Minimum Avg. This bushy aloe species is restricted to desert mountainsides and arid ravines in the Richtersveld of the Northern Cape of South Africa, and southern Namibia. Aloe dichotoma “Tree Aloe” “Quiver Tree” ... “Aloe Tree” is hardy to 23 degrees F & it’s said to be a good idea to wrap its trunk below 28 degrees F. It loves intense heat & fast drainage – especially along the California coast where it’s foggy. ramosissima, Aloidendron ramosissimum Shipping: - All orders will be posted with registered airmail - All the orders are processed in max 2 working days, in most cases one day after ordering. Some species of trees here can store water in the dry environment, such as the aloe quiver tree's fat trunk. Caption: Photo by Andrea Moro. (Zone 10a, bonsai) Photo #25/25 of Maiden's Quiver Tree (Aloidendron ramosissimum). Plant database entry for Maiden's Quiver Tree (Aloidendron ramosissimum) with 25 images, one comment, and 31 data details. Aloe ramosissima is special. Status and Criteria. Plants / Aloe: Aloe ramosissima "Maiden's Quiver Tree" Tweet Print.

Its common name is maiden's quiver tree. At home in the UK, it will slowly grow into a spectacular bonsai specimen. Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery, Inc. expertly beautifies outdoor spaces of any size from the minuscule to the massive! A great collectors Aloe that will grow slowly to 5-6 tall. It develops strips of satiny silver-pink-brown colored bark. Vulnerable B1ab(iii,v) ... A changing climate is eroding the geographical range of the Namib Desert tree Aloe through population declines and dispersal lags. SOLD OUT.

$6.24. Aloe ramosissima “Maiden’s Quiver Tree” A great collector’s Aloe that will grow slowly to 5-6’ tall. I cant resist running my hands along the trunk when I see one. • Maiden’s quiver tree (Aloe ramosissima). An attractive Aloe that produces large spectacular flower spikes around 20 cm tall in a vibrant yellow.Flowering occurs in winter and spring but maybe be delayed in areas with colder conditions. Its common name is maiden's quiver tree.. Its habitat may be threatened by mining and overgrazing.. $1,090.00 + Shipping . - Purchase more seeds from me and pay only one postage charge. The Maiden's Quiver Tree makes multiple branches from ground level, and is lower-growing than Aloe dichotoma. The foliage is blue-green & grows in tufts at the tips of the branches. Aloe ramosissima (maiden's quiver tree) Regular price £8.95 Add to Basket. Maiden's Quiver Tree (Aloidendron ramosissimum) in the Aloes Database - … English examples for "quiver tree" - The forest is spontaneous; the tallest quiver trees are two to three centuries old.

$6.20. Common names: Maiden's Quiver Tree Synonyms: Aloe dichotoma var. Diversity and Distributions 13:645-653. It somewhat resembles Aloe dichotoma but has more branching. USA-Seller 100 Pcs/pack Egg Succulents Seeds Echinopsis Tubiflora Cactus Seed. Aloe Aloidendron Ramosissima for Sale 20” LIVE PLANT Maiden’s Quiver Tree. The Maiden Quiver produces many branches from the ground level forming a dense rounded shrub in habit. Watering Needs: Winter grower, needs little water year around Best viewed LARGE . A very old Aloe ramosissima (Maiden's Quiver Tree) in the Richtersveld. Maiden's Quiver Tree (e), Nooiens-kokerboom (a) National Status. Temperature: 50°F (10°C) Heat Tolerance: Delicate in Phoenix Sun Exposure: Full sun Origin: Southern Africa (Richtersveld), southern Namibia Growth Habits: Succulent bush up to 4 feet tall (1.2 m), 5 feet wide (1.5 m).

My favorite thing about this Aloe is the bark.

As this profusely branched Aloe from South Africa matures, it develops a leathery caudex that gives the plant an ancient appearance. It is easily grown in a container. Richtersveld, Northern Cape, South Africa, August 2007.

Endemic to the Richtersveld on the South Africa/Namibia border where is grows to form a multi-branched bush.