Sites of Interest The Linux Lab Project. It depends... What do you require? The Octave interpreter can be run in GUI mode, as a console, or invoked as part of a shell script. Gnuplot or R are the most obvious choices. Batch mode for unattended plotting. Linux, Mac OS X, Sugar, Windows. A real-time graph plotter. Over 500,000 registered users across corporations, universities and government research labs worldwide, rely on Origin to import, graph, explore, analyze and interpret their data. Compatibility with at least one of these Graphs in polar (or other) … Plots up to 10 graphs with 30 data sets per graph.

I already know about gnuplot.

Advertisement. In addition it can be used as a module in Python for plotting. Advertisement. While your application is computing and logging results to a CSV file using the LiveGraph Writer API, the plotter lets you visualise and monitor the results live - by instantly plotting charts and graphs of the data. Our automatic layout algorithms arrange even large data sets with just the press of a button.

I'm looking for software that will allow me to do scientific graphing. Browse the sections below to learn more.

It can also be used as a module in Python for plotting. Veusz (pronounced Views) is a scientific plotting and graphing program with a graphical user interface, designed to produce publication-ready 2D and 3D plots in EPS, PDF, SVG and bitmap formats. User defined scaling, tick marks, labels, symbols, line styles, colors. Extcalc: An easy-to-use scientific graphing calculator for Linux By April 19th, 2010 If you work in the scientific or engineering fields, or teach in those areas, chances are you need a good graphing calculator, but if you already have a computer, there’s no need for an extra device to clutter up your life. The Octave syntax is largely compatible with Matlab.

MagicPlot Student is the free version of graphing software MagicPlot Pro. Use the link below to download Graph.

Free offline GeoGebra apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chromebook and Linux. Graph 3D functions, plot surfaces and do 3D geometry with our free 3D Grapher.

Veusz is multiplatform, running on Windows, Linux… GeoGebra Graphing.

Available for Linux… Download Graphing Calculator Linux Software. LabPlot is a KDE-application for interactive graphing and analysis of scientific data. drawing 2D and 3D graphs.

Ideally I'd like something with an easy to use graphical interface very similar to GraphPad Prism or Microcal Origin or SigmaPlot. SetupGraph-4.4.2.exe (9.6 MB) Older versions and the source code for Graph is available from SourceForge.

Graph functions, investigate equations, and plot data with our free graphing app.

LabPlot provides an easy way to create, manage and edit plots and to perform data analysis. Graphing Software Linux, free graphing software linux software downloads, Page 3. It should also allow me to do both linear and nonlinear regression.

It is a multi-platform software and can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Veusz is a scientific plotting and graphing program with a graphical user interface, designed to produce publication-ready 2D and 3D plots. The Linux lab project is intended to help people with development of data collection and process control software for LINUX. Solve systems of equations with linear algebra operations on vectors and matrices . Graphs are built-up by combining plotting widgets.

Create diagrams manually, or import your external data for analysis. Download LiveGraph for free. Advanced Graphing Calculator 3D Linux v.3.2 Plot high quality 2D and 3D graphs of math equations and coordinates tables.

This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter. yEd is a powerful desktop application that can be used to quickly and effectively generate high-quality diagrams.

Hardcopy support for PostScript, HP-GL, and FrameMaker .mif format.

As the website says, this is a data analysis, plotting, and nonlinear fitting software.

Visualize data with high-level plot commands in 2D and 3D. With a point-and-click interface and tools for batch operations, Origin helps them optimize their daily workflow.