In the introduction to this article, I said that you need to be very careful when choosing a weed killer for your lawn. – Good For Controlling Weeds. Common Lawn & Turf Weeds.

… Weeds are defintely a problem for many gardeners and keeping them under control with the best weed killers and general weeding duties is always an ongoing process. The guide is divided into three weed groups - broadleaf lawn weeds, grass weeds, and grass-like weeds - and then into sub-groups based on the plant's life cycle. Feed regularly. Easily recognisable by gardeners and non-gardeners with its distinct yellow and white flowers. Common UK Garden Weeds. Controlling the Weeds in Your Lawn 26th July 2014 Lawn UK The vision of most gardeners is of a perfect sward of green stretching across their garden to complement the variety of flowers and foliage that fills the beds around it. On weedy lawns, selective lawn weedkillers will usually control the weeds, but leave the grass unharmed. Lawn weedkillers work best on strongly growing weeds, and lawn grasses can colonise bare patches left by dead weeds more quickly if they are growing vigorously. A large, broad-leaved weed can look quite out of place in a lawn full of uniform, green turf. On this page is a list of articles dedicated to the most common weeds to inhabit UK lawns. Plantains, dandelions, daisies and buttercups all have ‘rosette’ foliage, and one plant in the lawn can easily block the light to the grass, killing off a round patch below..

Each article explains how to kill, remove and prevent these weeds from growing back again. A rather innocuous plant, common plantain can simply be mowed whenever you mow the lawn.
This handy weed identification page covers many of the most common turf weeds, with images and info to help with identification and management of weeds. Lawns: weed control. The grass will only shade the weed if it is tall enough, mow as high as your mower will allow (3-4 inches).

Mowing too short: This is a battle for sunlight. Tackling lawn weeds needn’t be a tiresome task, even if you’d prefer to ditch the weed killer and use chemical free, organic gardening methods.

This is difficult to control in a permanent sense as it needs to be hit early each year to weaken it.

Or Read My Review. Make offer - 2 x 1Litre Doff Garden Lawn Weed killer Advanced Kills Weeds/Roots RESOLVA LAWN WEEDKILLER 1L - READY TO USE - KILLS WEEDS NOT GRASS 2 X LITRES £24.99 How to identify lawn weeds.

One gardener’s weedy lawn is another's wildflower meadow, so decide if you really want to combat these plants. I took the first set of photos August 2010 and have been adding to them on and off ever since. Weed / Wildflower Identification Guide This is a guide to some common "weeds" / wildflowers in the average north London garden. ... weed-free lawn that any gardener would be proud of. This means that those lawn weeds that bother you in the spring may not be around in the autumn. Evergreen 4-in-1: Good For Controlling Weeds.
Bare spots/soil: Weeds will quickly colonise bare soil or patches of mud. Nobody wants their lawn to be overrun with weeds so it is important to keep control of them. Get your soil tested. Regular Weed Killers.

This lawn weed identification guide includes images, common and scientific names and descriptions to help you with weed id.

The flower is one of the first to show among lawn weeds but the plant soon disappears as the weather warms up. There are a variety of ways to get rid of weeds in your lawn: Use a lawn weedkiller. Add lime if it's below 6 or garden sulfur if above 7. This is down to poor lawn care practices, which is the fault of the lawn owner.

You can therefore only identify and control certain weeds at certain times of year. White Clover - Trifolium repens. For the best weed killer and moss removal solution for your lawn, take a look at our full selection of weed killers at Homebase.