Co-director Joe Russo has now confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that they chose Xhosa for his language, admitting that John Kani actually taught Chadwick Boseman how to speak it. We were proud of him! John Kani, who will reprise the role of T’Chaka in Black Panther, recalls how he and director Ryan Coogler decided on isiXhosa, a Nguni Bantu language and one of the official languages of South Africa, to become the fictional land of Wakanda’s official language.

South African veteran actor John Kani was highly responsible for IsiXhosa becoming the official language of the fictional country of Wakanda in the Black Panther movie. John Kani has said that he spoke to Ryan Coogler about the need to include an African language that the Wakandans would speak.

They were written by a man whose use of words fits exactly into Xhosa."

As the anticipation for Black Panther reaches fever pitch, fans are scrambling for whatever tidbits they can find. John Kani is the father of Atandwa Kani, and previously worked with him in The Suit. The popular father-and-son duo, the legendary John Kani and Atandwa Kani represented South Africa well with their MaXhosa by Laduma shawls. John Kani & Athandwa Kani on the premiere of Black Panther Then in 2008 and 2009, we …

Xhosa culture shines on Black Panther movie premiere.

John Kani worked again with Alfre Woodard and Florence Kasumba in The Lion King. John Kani previously worked with William Hurt in Endgame. John Kani speaks fluent Xhosa and taught Chadwick Boseman the language for Captain America: Civil War. The latest bit comes thanks to the legendary, John Kani. - John Kani quotes from "Shakespeare's words paint pictures in glorious colour in my language. John Kani Tony was well-known in South Africa because he was this famous English actor. Fondly referred to as ‘the grandfather of South African theatre’, 70 year old Bonsile John Kani is a local legend, and from the evidence of Missing – the first play he’s written since the multiple award-winning Nothing But the Truth – it’s clear that, even now, his is a voice that demands attention and deserves respect.. It really came about because of the South African Xhosa actor John Kani, who plays T’Chaka, T’Challas father. Xhosa initiation is a traditional ritual and even though we are all living in a modern time, I felt that there should still be an element that resembles the Xhosa culture.” The designs of MaXhosa by Laduma are showcased on international catwalks, such as in Milan, Italy. John Kani convinced Marvel to make isiXhosa the language of Black Panther’s Wakanda 18 January 2018. “Dressing the Kanis for the premiere was a great honour,” commented the designer Laduma Ngxokolo, whose contemporary knitwear designs inspired by traditional Xhosa beadwork, have become globally iconic.