CNN's Allison Chinchar reports more … Relevance . The definition of a white Christmas in Canada is 2 cm (0.79 in) of snow-cover or more on Christmas morning at 7 am. I wish i was! Cathereine D. 10 years ago.


Answer Save. Odd...It's not my fault! The Last Frontier has also seen swiftly rising temperatures because of climate change. Washington has seen 13 instances of a white Christmas since 1888 using this criterion, the most recent in 2009.

Environment Canada started to analyze data from 1955 to 2013 for a total of 59 years, It shows the chance of a White Christmas for several Canadian cities. 15 Answers.

With almost no snow in the Christmas forecast things don't look good.

EDIT: Why did i get a thumbs down Because i live in Florida and have never seen snow?

Christmas is one week away and if you’re hoping for a white Christmas, you’ll have to wait another year! Favorite Answer. 43 Answers. is anyone gonna have a white Christmas this year?!? The weather pattern is shifting again and it’s lining up to Girl Next Door. are you dreaming of a white christmas this year ?

10 years ago. Merry Christmas to all! That snow didn’t even last through the day but was washed away by a mild rainstorm. Weekend travelers are facing severe weather in opposite corners of the country, with storms in the Northwest and the Southeast. And if you are, drive safe. Toronto's Chances Of A White Christmas This Year Are Looking Really Slim With Christmas just over a week away, the weather forecast is now out and it doesn't look good for Toronto. 1 decade ago. I wish! Favorite Answer.

I have never even seen snow before, i live in Florida and it is almost 80 degrees here. Answer Save. This year, there’s even a chance that Anchorage may not see a white Christmas. 0 0 1.