Studio Palomino / HOTELS / Boost up the glamourous look with round or spiral ceiling lights. Marriott And MIT Reinvent The Hotel Lobby As A Social Hub A missed connection in the hotel lobby? The hospitality industry is constantly changing and evolving to adhere to guest expectations. This post is Part 1 of a 2 part series on hotel trends impacting the guest’s experience. Hotel Lobby Food is a Fun Foodie Experience Guests Can Enjoy at Many Resorts. 10 Fantastic hotel lobbies worldwide November 13, 2016 by The Finest Magazine From the first impression, stunning lobbies of luxury hotels evoke interesting stories behind. Check out that couch swing! This luxury hotel features an art-deco lobby with black and white designs, like these glass doors painted with black vines, as well as rotating art installations and a free-standing abstract fireplace. 4 Ways Hotels Are Luring Business Travelers More Seamless service, nutritious grab-and-go meal options and wellness-oriented amenities are just a few ways top hotel … In this post we will cover 11 of the most striking interior design trends that shape up today’s hospitality scene.

And then there are lobbies with fun, innovative designs. Sunlight radiates the open lobby in this Phuket hotel with lush greeneries, colorful fabrics and a reading library. Over 200 original pieces are showecased in the lobby, hotel hallways and an on-site art gallery. Channel The Great Gatsby, pull up a seat at the hotel’s all brass bar and sip an Old Fashioned while scrolling through our round up featuring 20 of the most luxurious hotel lobbies in the Lowcountry, each with their own distinctive character and vibe. Office Lobby … The hotel entrance lobby is the most important location for creating a lasting first impression. Don't hesitate to hang as much artwork as you like. From rethinking guestroom configurations to ensuring highly personalized experiences, hotel … Of all the innovative ideas hotel owners and operators are incorporating in hotel design and renovation, to maintain position in the face of increasing competition, the most important is by far redesigning the lobby. The Hippest NYC Hotel Lobbies To Work And Chill ... At the Ace, you’ll find funky tile floors, colorful stained-glass ceilings, unique decor around every corner, and an innovative crowd. Bachelor Thesis for Obtaining the Degree Bachelor of Business Administration Tourism and Phuket, Thailand | More hotel photos. 55 Inspirational Office Receptions, Lobbies, and Entryways First impressions are an important part of human interaction that I’m going to say translates over into an office environment as well.
The Lobby as a Living Room: What Interior Design Innovations and Products do Luxury Hotels Implement to Attract Guests to their Lobby? It’s the perfect place for bring your laptop, access the free WiFi and make it a productive work day. Moreover, it needs to attract and stimulate a positive perception and ... hotel lobby a comfortable, attractive, and focal area for all hotel … First impressions are an important part of human interaction that I'm going to say translates over into an office environment as well. The hotel industry is a $600 billion industry, and while the demand for short-term accommodation is high, the competition may also be fierce. Step into The Dewberry‘s luxurious lobby and be instantly transported to a world of sophistication and Southern style reimagined. With large glass walls and slate-coloured floors, you will really love the settings.