From 0-100% real quick, then you're done. Contact your carrier and request an unlock. After your carrier confirms that they unlocked your iPhone, follow the steps below.

All we need from you is your iPhone IMEI.

To unlock iPhone means to free the device from the carrier’s tether of exclusivity. Your account might need to meet requirements for unlocking. Ultimately, the decision is up to them; however, if you meet the proper requirements for carrier unlocking as outlined in your carrier's policy, you can usually get your phone unlocked: Verizon - Most Verizon phones come unlocked to begin with. Unlock iPhone From any Carrier by IMEI.

Call or visit a carrier location and ask them to unlock your phone.

The carrier unlock method is the best out of all options, as it is permanent, persists even after restores, completely official, and doesn’t require a jailbreak or any other hacks.

After you submit the request, it might take a few days to complete. Once the unlocking process is complete, your iPhone will be unlocked permanently to use with any carrier. Only with do you get real time unlock progress monitoring. A locked iPhone is not able to connect to any network besides its original carrier's, so you'll have to follow a series of steps to unlock it before switching providers.

Our trusted online IMEI iPhone unlock service will permanently unlock your iPhone from any carrier. To get your request's status, contact your carrier.

iPhone is still one of the most widely used premium phones in today’s smartphone market. After placed an unlocking order with us, please wait for the specified time to let us submit your IMEI to your carrier and Apple. Unfortunately, the increase in Average Selling Price, or ASP, has been steady over the years. Only your carrier can unlock your iPhone. Unlock iPhone by Carrier Many carriers are willing to unlock your iPhone if you’ve completed the stipulated contract period, or paid the early termination fee (ETF). Your unlock is completed remotely and delivered 'over the air' via WiFi or 4G/3G, so you can continue to use your device as normal, with no interruptions to phone service.