I am SO into having a countertop coffee station (coffee bar) in my kitchen since I got my new awesome coffee maker – so I’ve been on the hunt for the PERFECT coffee bar /coffee station set up for MY kitchen. Making coffee at my house means you have to find the coffee, the coffee filters, the coffee maker, the coffee … After seeing your coffee station and learning that the coffee carafe does not drip (a problem with many) I ordered that coffee maker — it is great!!
Whether you want to set up a coffee nook to make guests feel welcome or simply treat yourself to a cuppa every morning, there's no denying it's a must. These are great options for a self-serve station… Put a twist on coffee service and set up an iced coffee bar for a party.

Coffee often brews into glass decanters, but there are also airpot and satellite brewers which brew into vessels that can keep coffee hotter for longer. Decanters, Airpots, and Satellite Servers. Our Coffee Station Set-Up.

This is an awesome party idea for summer … {Coffee Corner} – Unique Coffee Gifts for Coffee Lovers & Coffee … We have: glass electric kettle to boil water; 8-cup Chemex for coffee … We’re very particular about our coffee and have over time found a way to make the (almost) perfect cup of coffee.

My only problem is that it’s about 1/4 inch too tall to set on the counter and slide under the cupboard, so I have to come up …

Set up this Easy Kitchen Coffee Station in minutes and on a budget! Setting up an Espresso Bar at Home - What You'll Need To make your espresso machine useable at home, it's best to set up a little station with your espresso machine out of the way of your cooking … A few months ago, when my house was torn up and we were living on sub …

5. However, I was able to set up a nice station with the 12oz cups inside one unit and the 16oz just to the side. Check out our ideas to help you craft the perfect coffee … Whether you love a morning latte or cold-brewed coffee, there's a way to make your hot beverage of choice part of your big day. The most fun part was decorating and stocking the bar once I finished it. A coffee station is the perfect addition to your wedding reception – not only during the colder months, but all year long! Setting up a coffee station in your studio can be done with minimal efforts when you know. I filled the second unit with the plastic water cooler cups and they held everything else that was … Consider creating a beautiful set-up with any goodies your guests may need to create a custom creation, and dress up your drink station with personalized coffee … Before you shop for coffee brewers and other accessories, it is crucial to decide where exactly you want your coffee station to be set up.

These are our favorite ways to serve coffee at your wedding. I want visiting friends and family to feel like they’re at home, and if they were at home, they would make their OWN coffee, so I’m sharing my tutorial on How to Set Up a Houseguest Coffee Station.