This will help it ripen faster. Simply place the other fruit and the upside-down pineapple inside the paper bag. The second method does require some fruits another pineapple. Always try to choose a pineapple that is ripe, right now, at the store.

The Smell. Bury the pineapple in rice. The leaves should be at the bottom and the base exposed. Once it's off the pineapple plant, this fruit won't continue to ripen. After picking the pineapple, it should start to soften after one or two days, and storing the fruit at an ideal room temperature will hasten its fermentation. The easiest way to ripen a pineapple is to leave it out on the counter. Unlike many other fruit, pineapples do not continue to ripen after it’s been picked. They eject ethylene, which is nothing but a plant hormone that helps ripening. How to Ripen a Pineapple FasterLook for pineapples with bright green leaves, yellow coloring to the rind and a sweet odor indicating ripeness. To ripen an unripe pineapple sooner, always place it with its base upwards and balancing it on its leaves, that is, place it upside down. This helps in the upflow of the sugars which yields in ripening the fruit evenly, and saves the fruit from rotting. The paper bag is used as it is perfect for keeping the moisture away while not depriving the fruits of the air. Store the unripe pineapple with other fruits that ripen easily, such as apples, bananas, or tomatoes. Another method involves a paper bag and another fruit: apple, nectarine, or pear. The idea is that if the pineapple still has any remaining starch left in it, it will be located in its base. A rock-hard pineapple isn’t the one you want.
You get fed up with waiting and end-up eating it unripe. Yeah, this is probably the one you already know.

If the color and feel are to your liking, give the base of the pineapple a sniff. If you’re not in a hurry to eat the fruit, then this is a suitable option. So if it’s cut too soon, you won’t get it much more ripe at home. However, while its sweetness doesn't increase, and its flavor doesn't improve over time, its texture does change – the flesh of the pineapple continues to soften after harvesting. Place the pineapple upright on a cutting board and carefully slice on the inside of the rind from top to bottom.

… Store the pineapple upside down. There are few tricks on how to ripen the pineapple quickly that you can try. Within 3-5 days, you will notice yellow color developing, and it will soften a little. Step 2. You will need a paper bag and fruit like pear, nectarine or apple. To properly cut your pineapple, cut off the crown and the base of the fruit. Nope.

It is also a common practice to store the fruit amidst a heap of rice in … Color of the pineapple and the tenderness is a little tougher to distinguish but the smell is a great indicator. Storing it upside down helps the sugar in the base to spread faster and more evenly.

Make sure to cut deep enough to remove all of the prickly rind. Will a pineapple ripen after being picked? A pineapple can ripen on your countertop in a few days if the fruit is well on its way to ripening and your kitchen is warm. There are two methods that you can try to ripen a pineapple at home. Keep the ripen pineapple in the refrigerator and do not keep it at room temperature. The first method involves standing the fruit upside down on their leaves. The texture is hard, and there is little sweetness.

Don’t expect results like … However, after a few days of standing there upright, it feels no softer. You go to the shop, buy a beautiful pineapple which you think will be ripe to eat in a day or two. Once you leave the fruit on your kitchen counter for five days to one week, you can guarantee that it will ripen and sweeten on its own. How to ripen a pineapple. Read on to learn more. Place a whole pineapple into a paper bag with a whole apple.Fold the top of the bag over and leave at room temperature for one day.