The Globe Blue Spruce always has a nice blusish green color and can hide those unsightly areas of a garden. Rounded Sun Exposure. Globe Blue Spruce is a dwarf, globe-shaped, blue-needled, evergreen shrub with a flattened top that will slowly grow over time to 3-5’ tall and to 4-6’ wide without pruning. Approximate Size.

Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce Needs Pruning. Pests rarely bother it. Additional information Additional information. Buy low-maintenance plants today with free shipping over $125! Plant Type: Conifers.

Globe Blue Spruce (tree form) is ideal for use as a garden accent or patio feature, and is recommended for the following landscape applications; Accent; General Garden Use; Planting & Growing. Globe Blue Spruce Picea pungens. This is definitely the most popular Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce, great accent for sunny, well-drained locations.

It's tolerant of urban areas and can grow in polluted areas. Category: Spruce: Zone: 2: Sun Exposure: Full Sun: Centimeters or Inches .

Globe Blue Spruce Shrubs are easy-to-grow dwarf shrubs that require no maintenance. A tolerance for all-day sun, dry soil, and cold, snowy winters is built into its Rocky Mountain genes.

Globe Blue Spruce.

It is typically sold as a grafted plant. 80cm x 1.5m Shape. Full Sun Additonal Info.

Globe Blue Spruce (tree form) will grow to be about 6 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 5 feet.

They withstand the heavy wet snows of winter and the hot drought conditions of summer.

Size Clear: Share this product with friends! Right now it's ~4' diameter and ~3' tall and this is the size we'd like to maintain. Globe Blue Spruce The Globe Blue Spruce is also known as a Picea Pungens and the "name" of ours are the "R H Montgomery." Tweet. SKU: 3b2c2ff3b63f Category: Uncategorized. A Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce tree might be a good choice, since it can also stand up to heavy winds, and tolerates poor soils as long as the soil drains properly. Actually would PREFER to decrease the height by ~4" if possible. Site Specific: Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant, High Elevation.

As this plant ages the head will enlarge and the trunk will thicken making a grand statement. Size #5 Ground Graft, #5 on Standard, #7, 18-24" High, 18-24" Low. For best results, plant a Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce tree in a location with at least a half day of sun or more and the direct sun will make this variety positively glow with its iridescent blue foliage. Globe Blue Spruce standards are relatively easy to grow and will enjoy the limelight in your garden. Light Needs: Full Sun, Partial Sun. Spring foliage will have the best blue-gray color. Asked August 9, 2015, 2:11 PM EDT. Add to Wishlist. The Globe Spruce (tree form) Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' grows to be around 6' tall with a spread of 5'. How to Grow. Globe Blue Spruce is a high-impact, low-maintenance plant. I know we made a "mistake" and planted a dwarf globe blue spruce shrub as a foundation planting and it will soon be too large for its space.