and also "Recipient Location Security Delay Recommended action: Delivery will be re-attempted the next business day." Or take advantage of a complete portfolio of expedited freight services … In its latest service alert, the carrier has stated that due to the high volume of parcels that they are dealing with at the moment, there may be delivery delays all over the U.S. FedEx Freight Truckload (sm) shipment is not subject to the standard required delivery date. At local FedEx facility: Package arrived in your city/local sorting facility and has been sorted from it's trailer. Delayed FedEx packages frustrating, concerning Utahns ... West Haven resident MaryBeth Balzer said she has now been without her insulin pump for nearly a week because of FedEx’s delivery issues.
Author: Kevin Kennedy FedEx Delivery Manager gives you a calendar view of all inbound and outbound deliveries in Ellenwood.

FedEx has the shipment in its facility maybe half a mile from the destination but they are intentionally delaying delivery by a day. Delivery will be reattempted." Shipping & Delivery . According to the FedEx website, this does not necessarily mean that the package is certain to arrive late.

This morning it was out for delivery, but I just got an update (at 11 AM) that I have a new scheduled delivery date tomorrow.
FedEx delays have hobby shop owner frustrated Other parcels scheduled for delivery are also late by more than two weeks. It'll probably get sorted to a route and changed to "On vehicle for delivery" the next day, but who knows with how backed up everything is. FedEx is facing discrepancies in its services due to the prevailing situation. I ordered something online and today as I was checking my package's status it says "Delivery exception Recipient location security delay. How it works. A delivery exception occurs when there is a package that is temporarily delayed in transit. Customer service doesn’t really help, they just say “this is your scheduled date” so I’m just wondering if there’s a reason why it would say this when it’s on the truck now. FedEx sent a statement Wednesday evening addressing the delivery delays: “FedEx continues to experience high package volumes as holiday shipping deadlines are upon us. Customer service "apologizes" but is totally non-responsive. The FedEx driver delivered it on a day where the weather was horrible. Sounds like you had a package that requires a signature or that the driver felt was unsafe to leave upon your doorstep. CRHOLD: Shipment delivery was delayed due to payer's credit hold status or no payment was available at time of required delivery date. The company claims to make every effort possible to ensure that packages reach their destinations right on time. Wait a week.