Moscovium - Melting Point - Boiling Point . This list of electron configurations of elements contains all the elements in increasing order of atomic number.. To save room, the configurations are in noble gas shorthand.

Specific heat of Moscovium is -- J/g K. When a given amount of heat is added to different substances, their temperatures increase by different amounts. Prior to this, it was called by its placeholder name, ununpentium. These numbers may well differ considerably from, say, single bond energies in a solid.

Moscovium definition is - a short-lived, artificially produced radioactive element that has 115 protons —symbol Mc. This means part of the electron configuration has been replaced with the element symbol of the noble gas symbol. Moscovium is a radioactive synthetic element that is atomic number 115 with element symbol Mc. With such a short half life, I doubt there’s really anything “useful” you could do with it, outside of measuring its physical properties, and perhaps using it to construct other atoms. Moscovium: bond enthalpies in gaseous diatomic species.

Moscovium was officially added to the periodic table on November 28th in 2016. All values are given in kJ mol-1. Moscovium - Specific Heat Capacity. The following values refer to neutral heterodiatomic molecules in the gas phase. To produce moscovium, the Berkeley Lab scientists at the 88-inch Cyclotron bombarded a target composed of americium with a particle beam produced from the rare isotope calcium-48. Moscovium is an extremely radioactive element: its most stable known isotope, moscovium-290, has a half-life of only 0.8 seconds. This article summarizes key chemical and thermal properties of this chemical element and atom.