Connections are made as per the circuit diagram. Linear IC Applications Viva Questions -Quiz Questions-Viva Notes PDF Download Digital IC Application Viva Questions-Notes PDF Download 21st December 2012 , 01:43 AM #2 What is latching current in SCR? For forward bias, the RPS +ve is connected to the anode of the diode and RPS –ve is Viva questions of some important theory topics: Click on any of the below topics to see the Viva question with answers: The two characteristics of combinational circuits are: Cus Search powered by Engineering Interview Engineering interview questions,multiple choice questions,objective type questions,seminor topics,lab viva questions and answers ,online quiz test pdf free download for freshers. 2. Last update. Electronics Devices And Circuits Viva Questions - Quiz Questions - PDF Download Results 1 to 3 of 3 Thread: Electronics Devices And Circuits Viva Questions - Quiz Questions - PDF Download Top 52 electronics engineer interview questions and answers pdf rivherjonh. Electrical Machines Questions & Answers 1. LAB MANUAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES & CIRCUITS LAB Dept. 35 TOP MOST POWER ELECTRONICS LAB VIVA Questions and Answers Power Electronics LAB VIVA Questions with Answers pdf :-1.What is holding current in SCR? Basic+electronic+interview+questions+and+answers Mohan Raj. •Set the gate current IG = IG1 (such that forward break over voltage is between 15 to 20 V), by varying R2 and V2. So for all Electronics engineer we are providing some Viva questions in this blog which can help you at your lab externals, so that you enjoy your B.Tech life and at exam time just open this blog and read the viva answers. •Slowly vary V1 in steps of 2V and note down VAK and IAk at each step till SCR DIGITAL ELECTRONICS LAB VIVA QUESTIONS VIVA QUESTIONS Q.1 What do you mean by Logic Gates? Top 20 vlsi interview questions and answers pdf ebook free download vlsitutorial. to find digital electronic circuits exam questions and answers this way relatively easily. Magnetic Circuits Principle of Energy Conversion Excited Magnetic Systems 2. 2. of ECE CREC 5 V-I CHARACTERISTICS: PROCEDURE: (i) FORWARD BIAS (For ‘Ge’ and ‘Si’ Diode): 1. 3.What aturn on methods of SCR? Usually you'll find a book like Format : PDF. & CIRCUIT LAB MANUAL PDF DOWNLOADVlsi lab viva question with answers - SlideSharewww slideshare. Power Electronics Lab Manual VII Sem EC •Set R1 and R2 to mid position and V1 and V2 to minimum. Vlsi lab viva question with answers Ayesha Ambreen. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS IN ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS.