DORINE Out on you, what a plague! Written by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (better known as Molière), Tartuffe was first performed in 1664.However, its run was cut short because of the controversy surrounding the play. Monsieur Tartuffe! SCENE II TARTUFFE, DORINE TARTUFFE (speaking to his valet, off the stage, as soon as he sees Dorine is there) Lawrence, put up my hair-cloth shirt and scourge, And pray that Heaven may shed its light upon you. ELMIRE (to Dorine) Oh no! As the play opens, however, Orgon wishes to break their engagement and marry his daughter to Tartuffe instead.

The comedy takes place in Paris in the 1660s and pokes fun at gullible people who are easily fooled by Tartuffe, a hypocrite who pretends to be deeply moral and religious. Indeed, my dear, the man’s a brilliant catch. Molière's Tartuffe reveals how a religious hypocrite — an imposter — almost succeeds in his plot to jail a naive friend and his family and thereby cheat them out of their home. (To Cleante and Mariane) And you, withdraw. Molière, Tartuffe (acte V, scène 7 – v.1861-1908) Au dénouement de la pièce, Orgon comprend qu’il a été la dupe de Tartuffe, un faux dévot qui n’en voulait qu’à son bien et qu’à sa femme, Elmire.Bien que son entourage l’ait prévenu des manigances de Tartuffe, Orgon s’est obstiné dans son amitié pour lui.
Why should he be so vain?… Tartuffe by Molière (1664 CE): Yes, so he says himself. The man who cares for holiness alone Should not so loudly boast his name and birth; The humble ways of genuine devoutness Brook not so much display of earthly pride. It is she who tries to foil Tartuffe's designs, open Orgon's eyes, and encourage the young lovers to remain steadfast in their devotions to one another. Witty and Sassy Monologues for Young Women From the Play "Tartuffe" For young women in search of a classical monologue, Moliere's cheeky and clever character Dorine has a … TARTUFFE: Our love for the beauty which is eternal, stifles not in us love for that which is fleeting and temporal; and we can easily be charmed with the perfect works Heaven has created. (Damis goes and hides in the closet at the back of the stage.) Hide! He's coming. Although she hates Tartuffe and adores Valère, Mariane can do little to influence her fate, and it takes her stepmother’s plot in order to reunite Mariane with her beloved. Now, there’s a man of weight! Dorine The household maid, Dorine is brassy, bold, and opinionated; she is also perhaps the most intelligent and clear-headed member of the household. Dorine No, I ask nothing of you.

Tartuffe acte 5 scène 7. Its reflected attractions shine forth in such as you; but it is in you alone that its choicest wonders are centred. Yes, yes, Monsieur Tartuffe, I’m bound to state, DORINE (to Elmire) The man's a crafty codger, Perhaps you'll find it difficult to catch him. What right have I to criticize the match? Such vanity But ill accords with pious living, sir. A lover's never hard to cheat, And self-conceit leads straight to self-deceit.