Alan Keery (center) serves cereal at the "Cereal Killer Cafe" in East London, which he co-owns with his twin brother, Gary Keery. The Cereal Killer Cafe has drawn both derision and big crowds since it opened nine months ago, offering a cornucopia of flakes, pops and puffs from about 3 pounds ($4.50) a bowl. A group of anti-capitalist protesters attacked the Cereal Killer Cafe in Brick Lane, east London with paint and smoke bombs as a dozen terrified … It also sells coffee, toast and poptarts. Among the decor are novelty cereal boxes, vintage milk bottles and other cereal related memorabilia. The cafe offers more than 100 different varieties of global cereal brands, 12 kinds of milk and 20 toppings.

Activists opposed to what they claim is the gentrification of parts of east London threw paint and daubed the word "scum" on a business selling cereal.