(During the searing process, resist the urge to move the steak around with the tongs, as this will prevent optimal grill marks. The best I can do is tell you what a charcoal steak sold in Saline, Michigan is. The high heat and smoke make for a rich, bold flavor that won’t do you wrong. What’s the best kind of steak to cook on a charcoal grill? Place the steak at the hottest part of the grate, directly above the coals, and let it sear for two to three minutes, then flip the steak and sear the other side for two to three minutes. My research online did not provide any concrete answers, so I have to turn to my past history with beef. Follow these tips to cooking any kind of steak to perfection over charcoal. The truth is, as long as it’s done properly, any kind of steak goes well with a charcoal grill. The cut is likely from the chuck primal.