They were 10 ozs. I like to use a nonstick fry pan when I shallow fry patties, so I use less oil. Cut off any large stems. Rinse and drain spinach well. Using my burger press, made from Zyliss, I got three large patties. A tasty mix of spinach, potatoes, and onions, they are perfect at breakfast, lunch or dinner and add veggie flair to any recipe.

Chop roughly and place in a in a lidded pot on a low heat with a little water (sufficient to cover the spinach leaves). In Judy’s original recipe, she used 3 eggs (for a 2-pound ground chicken recipe), so if you feel like your chicken needs more than 1 egg, then by all means feel free to add in more. Spinach and Quinoa Patties. Mix well in a bowl like this: Now, form into burger-sized patties. When I saw this recipe from Green Kitchen Stories, I knew I’d like it, because it combines all my favorite ingredients, plus you get melty cheese in every bite. This is one of those healthy dishes that don’t taste healthy. (or you can do spinach balls) Heat a non stick skillet over med-high. Makes about 20 patties. spinach burgers. Serve them as a snack or breakfast item. Spray with a bit of cooking spray. In a small skillet, add olive oil over medium heat. Judy’s recipe was originally double what I posted here, so I took the liberty of converting it to a 4-serving recipe. Season each side with salt and pepper. It’s easy being green with Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods ® Spinach Cakes. These vegetarian patties make a delicious main, perfect with an egg on top or serve them along a salad. And the yogurt mixture is SO good. each. I used three of the steam spinach bags from Target. Spinach potato patties, spinach potato cakes, easy spinach potato appetizers, Spinach cakes, potato cakes Useful tips and tools. patties that are slightly thinner than a hamburger and roughly the shape of your bread. Once hot, add spinach and cook until spinach is wilted, about 2 minutes. Some may have to wait their turn, depending on your skillet size.

Just mix together some canned white beans (drained and rinsed, of course) with some frozen spinach (drained and thawed), onion, garlic, and breadcrumbs, along with some salt and pepper.. Then, form the mixture into 12 patties (or 6 to make more hearty veggie burgers) and coat in bread crumbs, then pan-fry in olive oil. I also used three cloves of fresh garlic. Beat all ingredients together. So easy! Use a large bowl to mix all the leaves, giving you enough space to combine things. Very large, half would have been enough, burgers. Packed with healthy protein, these hearty patties can work as a meal in themselves.

Allow the spinach to reduce in the pot. And because they make a … The perfect addition to any meal or recipe! Then fry other side. You can serve it with a salad for a healthy meal, or use as a veggie burger. Stir in the maize meal. Add the salt and chillies. Serve on your choice of bread product, or eat them “naked”. This Spinach and Split Pea Patty recipe is a riff on an Indian vada and the West Indian phulourie (split peas fritter). It seems that this never goes out of style and you can have hundreds of recipes … Hamburger Spinach Patty Recipe As for me, I never get tired of hamburger. Set aside. Divide ground beef into 4 oz. Add ... oil in frying pan and drop spoons full of spinach in hot oil. Add water if the mixture cooks dry. Wash spinach in cold water.