A quite stunning Mexican climber which has all the assets, being quick-growing and vigorous (up to 6m!) Earth Seeds Co 20 Pcs Cup and Saucer Seeds Cobaea scandens,Fantastic Climber Half Hardy Perennial Exotic Flower Plants Seeds Ideal for Walls and Fences. How to grow Cobaea scandens from seed The 'Cup and Saucer' plant - Cobaea scandens is a gorgeous, sub-tropical tender perennial native to Mexico and tropical South America. Cobaea scandens f. alba has clear white flowers. The flowers are not so much white as a highly fashionable shade of greenish-white. If protected from frost in winter, Cobaea scandens f.

... Genus: Cobaea. Synonyms Cobaea scandens 'Alba' Family Polemoniaceae Genus Cobaea can be woody or herbaceous climbers with pinnate leaves bearing a branched tendrils, and large, solitary, bell-shaped flowers in the upper leaf axils Details C. scandens f. Plants / Cobaea: Cobaea scandens "Cup And Saucer Vine" Tweet Print. Growing Guide Sowing Instructions: Depth: Place seed on edge and just cover Sprout Time: 10-25 days Starting Indoors: Recommended.Sow in pots 6-8 weeks before planting out. Climbs by … Don't fertilize, because then it just grows leaves and won't bloom. When grown as an annual, it can grow 10-20’ in a single season. alba White Cup and Saucer Plant. Tender Perennial With attractive cup shaped flowers Cobaea scandens is a great plant for a sunny position. I can see why it’s called the cup and saucer vine because of the beautiful flowers that resemble a cup or a bell. It originally comes from Mexico so you wouldn’t think that it would be very at home in our cooler climate.

Cobaea scandens var. It’s latin name is Cobaea Scandens and it is also known as cathedral or monastery bells or Mexican ivy. Cobaea scandens is commonly known as the ‘Cathedral Bells Vine’ as well as the ‘Cup and Saucer Vine’.

Genus Cobaea can be woody or herbaceous climbers with pinnate leaves bearing a branched tendrils, and large, solitary, bell-shaped flowers in the upper leaf axils Details C. scandens is a vigorous perennial climber, usually grown as an annual, with pinnate leaves and fragrant, bell-shaped flowers 5cm in length, which change from greenish-white to purple

Variety: var.

The best way to get hold of Cobaea scandens or C. scandens 'Alba' is to order seed from a general seed firm in winter.

Cobea scandens alba. alba.

COBAEA SCANDENS SEEDS (Cup and Saucer Plant) - Plant World Seeds. This is the much sought after variety of this beautiful climber.

When it has warm and sunny place and you water it enough it grows very fast. For best results grow in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun, or in containers on the patio or in the greenhouse or conservatory. It is a vigorous, rapid-growing, tendril-climbing vine that typically grows to 30-40’ in its native habitat.

While it can only be realistically grown as an annual in northern European climates it … Species: scandens. Incredibly fast growing Mexican native, “Cup and Saucer Vine” will cover a 25’ chain link fence in one season!

When to Set Outside

Cobaea scandens, the cup-and-saucer vine, cathedral bells, Mexican ivy, or monastery bells, is a species of flowering plant in the phlox family Polemoniaceae. It’s a rampant climber, and will quickly scramble up a trellis or obelisk. with absolutely enormous, spectacular, pale violet or purple, "cup-and-saucer" flowers.

alba. Starting Outdoors: Sow in place after last frost in areas that have longer growing seasons, such as zones 9-10.

Keep at 65-75°F. Cobaea scandens "Cup and Saucer Vine" Large storybook blooms almost year around!

The flowers are greenish when they open. Flowers smell ugly but have pretty dark purple colour. This item Cup and Saucer Vine - White Flowers - (10 Seeds) - Cobaea scandens 'Alba' Seeds4planting - Seeds Cup and Saucer Vine Cathedral Bells White - Organic. It is native to Mexico, with isolated sightings elsewhere in tropical central and South America.

Cobaea scandens f. alba Cup And Saucer Vine, Cathedral Bells, Cups And Saucers, Mexican Ivy. It has fantastic, exotic, white flowers that look like a cup sitting on a saucer.

This plant is from Mexico, and there's also a white form of this plant, Cobaea scandens 'Alba'.

Cobaea scandens var.

This is a fast growing long flowering evergreen climbing plant native to tropical central America. Neutral Varieties Cobaea scandens, commonly called cup and saucer vine, is native to Mexico and tropical South America.

Buy Cobaea scandens f. alba from Sarah Raven: A vigorous plant that will scale a wall with support and can grow up to 6m (20ft).

It may be grown in large pots for standing outdoors in summer, and will behave as a perennial if kept indoors in winter at about 7C.

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