Your Starting weight has a big impact on the how many calories you can eat to lose weight. Learn how many calories to lose weight safely, and how to lose weight fast. This is reflected in the calculator with the corresponding calories intake on a weekly basis. Limitations of Body Weight Color Coding The math behind the body weight color coding, something called Body Mass Index (BMI), is applicable and useful for about 95% of the population. It keeps track of your weight loss and calories required. Calorie consumption is: 1 calorie (technically, kilocalorie) per kilogram body weight per hour per MET. 2 - Calories Based on Your Weight Now. Calories, those little units of energy you consume, are arguably the most talked-about part of healthy eating and weight loss. of fat contains 3,500 calories, incorporating this caloric deficit will yield a loss of 1 lb. Calories by Start Weight for Women. Since 1 lb. The calorie calculator is very useful for weight management as it displays how many calories are needed over the specified period of time.

The weight loss calculator will then compute your daily Calorie consumption required to achieve approximately 1lb to 2lbs of fat loss a week. These results and others point to the fact that any reduced-calorie diet can cause similar amounts of weight loss in the long term (3, 4, 5, 6). Counting calories is a good tool for weight loss and building muscle, but it's not the best fit for everyone. This table is based on a 30 year old woman who is moderately sedentary and 5'5 in height. a week. Burning Calories for Weight Loss If you are a man in good health, you can reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories per day every day of the week. The less you weigh, the fewer calories you will need to take in for weight loss to continue. The weight losss calculator will only show you safe levels of calorie reduction.