The team will then use the data from the strategic procurement process to develop and implement a strategic procurement plan. Also, see below for Free Strategic Planning Template. Step-4: Creating Change Network and Building Teams. This team sets the overall direction for procurement, aligned with the business strategy. I hope it helps you as it has them. The strategic management process covers the following four steps, which are: 1. Strategic Management Process - Meaning, Steps and Components The strategic management process means defining the organization’s strategy. Here are the 7 steps that lead to a successful procurement process. Step-3: Igniting Change. The corporate objectives signify the final end results which are to be attained over a period of time. Organizations’ must follow 7 steps process is followed for the implementation of strategic change programs: Step-1: Diagnosing the Need for Change. Identification of business objectives and purposes 2. Strategic management process consist of eight steps including strategic planning, evaluation and implementation. Step-2: Stakeholder Analysis. Such as:-First, the strategy-makers develop a vision for the organization and then formulate a mission in the light of the vision.While a vision states ‘where we are going’, a mission describes the organization’s present business and its purpose for existence. In just the last year 7,593 facilitators, coaches, managers and business owners have accessed these steps in the strategic planning process. The strategic planning process has 9 steps to make effective use of human and material resources of the organization for achieving objectives of the organization. Implementation of strategies and 4. 7 steps of Strategic management process are discussed in points given below:-Developing Organization Vision and Mission. Step-5: Preparing and Executing Change Management Plan. Evaluation of strategies! Formulation of strategies 3. Strategic management process begins with recognizing and formulating the vision and mission of the organization. All the organizations have missions that define the significance of those organizations with practical. Organizations should set up a strategic procurement team. 7 Steps of Strategic Change Process. This definition encompasses six inter-related issues of strategic management process 6 steps. 01– First step is the identification of mission, goals and strategies. It is also defined as the process by which managers make a choice of a set of strategies for the organization that will enable it to achieve better performance.