3 Responses to “Hagwon director gets prison time for molesting woman at nightclub”

  1. Anti-English Spectrum Cafe Wants You (To Go Away) : Korea Beat / 25 May 2008 9:00pm #

    […] Meanwhile, Mr. Choi, the owner of an English hagwon in Guri, is serving 18 months in prison for beating and raping a woman who accidentally stumbled into his room in a nightclub. I certainly hope that Anti-English Spectrum will be all over this real violation of a Korean woman […]

  2. jkh / 30 Nov 2008 9:53am #

    Where does it say that the Hagwon owner was a foreigner.

  3. David / 13 Jan 2010 9:52pm #

    It was a Mr. Choi. Korean Media typically only uses the family name when reporting crimes.

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